Pro Foodie Tips For Hosting On The Fly

I always want people to feel welcome in my house, whether stopping by sporadically or we had four months to plan ahead. Life it too short to miss out on good company!

I’m here to tell you, there is no need to stress when company drops within a moments notice. If you follow some of my pro foodie tips for hosting on the fly, everyone will have a great time…including you!

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Follow The Law, Advocate For Change

The Constitution of the United States is an amendable document. One that has been amended throughout history several times. We can fully comply with the law, but make no mistake…we can also advocate for its change.

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Spring Is In The Air: Morning Lavender Edition

Texas is finally warm again and I’m in shorts again (even though my legs are ghost white). Which means, it really is getting close to Spring. Which also means, my favorite stores are starting to release their Spring fashion lines…

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