Leather Never Looked So Good

Our beautiful third born arrived into this world determined not to be left behind. But with that same determination came a toddler whose favorite past time was spilling formula (and then moved onto milk) all over my couch. Long story short, I quickly got over fabric couches and longed for the return of leather…

Currently Coveting: Beauty Edition

I still very much like to look pretty. A lot of time however, you’ll just see me use a little concealer, eye brightener, mascara and chapstick. (And if I’m getting a super crazy, I might just pick a tinted chapstick!)

Here are a few of the items currently in my natural makeup arsenal. (And look, a tinted lip oil. IT IS getting crazy around here.)

Big Color From Bed Frames

What has happened to color in home design? And no, I'm not saying you have to run out and make your home look like a circus tent. But a little pop of color here and there can go so far in home decor/design. Everything has its place…