Put On Some Gangsta Rap & Handle It...

Put On Some Gangsta Rap & Handle It...

"Toss your hair in a bun,

Drink some coffee,

Put on some gangsta rap...

And handle it."

Have you seen this quote? The first time I saw it, I'll admit that I loved it. I snickered.

And then it hit me...

This no longer relates to me and who I am today at all. There are times I wake up and just want to cry at the mountain of day before me. A mere panic attack nearly engulfs me. 

  • I've been needing to set a dentist appointment for my kids for last 4-months.

  • My 3-year old needs his yearly checkup.

  • Both cars need their inspection/registration up-to-date. 

  • I need to get my 3-year old signed up for Mothers Day Out.

  • I've got to make hotel reservations for our Red River trip next month.

  • I've got to make reservations to board the dog next month.

  • My husband and I need eye appointments... 

And that's just the tip of the every growing honey-do list. And let's not even talk about the end-of-school year events around the corner. My friend shared this gem with me today (below). You really should watch it:

I know your lists are probably just as long as ours.

I would LOVE to just put some gangsta rap on and handle it....but I have three kids running around who need kid friendly music. The Wiggles...Just kidding, I draw the line at The Wiggles. But have you ever tried to "handle it" while listing to The Greatest Showman soundtrack? I love me some Hugh Jackman but it's just not "get you moving" music. My life is kid friendly. I'm still trying to watch Sunday nights episode of West World. Why? Because my three-year old is a total primetime TV mood killer (every time he runs into our bedroom after 8:30pm...and I have to threaten him with every inch of his life to stay in bed). 

But then as I'm almost in hysterics at the sheer craziness of the life in front of me, this also hits me...

It will all get done. It will all be well. Just breathe. And I automatically feel better. Just pausing and taking a deep breath...I feel the weight of the world being lifted off of me. 

Ladies and gents, life is crazy. Life is hard. But it is also so incredibly beautiful. Ryan and I have three beautiful kids. Oh my, they make us laugh hysterically every...single...day. They make my heart melt every time they give me a random hug and kiss. Every snuggle is well worth the crazy. 

And I may not be able to put "gangsta rap on and handle it" anymore. (Nor would my choice of music probably be gangsta music any longer anyways.) But that's okay. Some days are bad days. Like when my three-year old potty training son take a poop on my carpet...Hello Monday! But most days are good.

Whatever your circus is, just remember to breathe. We got this!

XO Brittany

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