Trending for Tiled Fireplaces

Trending for Tiled Fireplaces

We are back from vacation. Back to reality. least my post vacation, still summer vacation, kids are driving me crazy because they fight all the time reality. Any other moms out there feeling my pain right now? 

I'm going to be honest. This blog post started out different. It started out in search of inspiration in the form of "colorfully painted mantels and fireplaces." Apparently that trend hasn't caught on yet though (or maybe other people find it ugly, even though I love it...but we know I'm a sucker for color). I struggled trying to find the research and images to back it. Luckily however, I also have a deep love and appreciation for patterns. Which is where I ended up turning my fireplace focus today...

Cement Tiles On Fireplace

Photo Credit: HGTV

Tiled Fireplace Home

Photo Credit: HGTV

Lovely Tiled Fireplace

Photo Credit: Veneer Designs

Beautiful Tiled Fireplace

Photo Credit: Little Green Notebook

Blue Tiled Fireplace

Photo Credit: Decor Pad

Firplace With Cement Tiles

Photo Credit: Centsational Style

Cement Tile Fireplace

Photo Credit: Granada Home

Colorful Tiled Fireplace

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Tiled Fireplace Backsplash

Photo Credit: Domino

Painted and Tiled Fireplace

Photo Credit: House of Jade

Colorful Fireplace
Black and White Tiled Fireplace

Photo Credit: Glitter Guide

Pretty Tiled Fireplace

Photo Credit: Made With Happy

Tiled Fireplaces

Photo Credit: Rue

XO Brittany

Taking It Up A Peg

Taking It Up A Peg

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Flocking For Framed Feathers (Intentional Cheesy Title)