Taking It Up A Peg

I'm off to see the new Jurassic World tonight with the oldest kid. I must say, I am really looking forward to dinner and a movie with just him. Carving out time for individual mom/kid dates has been a little more difficult since we became a family of five last September. This is some long overdue quality time. 

We're also off to the lake house later this week to ring in the 4th of July. Can you believe it's almost July? Between the kids constant bickering and trying to juggle everything...this Summer is flying! 

But once we finally get back from the lake, I plan to spend the next month (before school starts) doing some major organizing around the house. The older boys room still hasn't been fully completed since we moved in. The babies room needs some turnover from the mass amounts of outgrown clothing, toys and baby gear. And as much as I enjoy our new home, I'm still just not feeling my office space. All projects I plan to attack come late July. 

With all those projects in mind, I've been spending some time researching functional yet appealing options for storage. Much like the pegboard options below...

Black Pegboard Wall

Photo Credit: Est Living

DIY Pegboard
DIY Pegboard Wall

Photo Credit: Place Of My Taste

Giant DIY Pegboard

Photo Credit: Wonderfully Made

Kids Pegboard Wall

Photo Credit: Winter Daisy

Kitchen Pegboard

Photo Credit: Design Milk

Organization Pegboard

Photo Credit: Alice & Lois

Pegboard Entryway

Photo Credit: Kreisdesign

Pegboard Key Holder

Photo Credit: A Cup Of Life

Pegboard Oranization Home

Photo Credit: Loyal Supply Co.

Pegboard Shelving

Photo Credit: Busyboo

Pegboard Wall
Pegboard Wall DIY

Photo Credit: The Merry Thought

Pegboard Wall Organization

Photo Credit: Loyal Supply Co. 

Three Tierd Pegboard Wall

Photo Credit: Vintage Revivals

XO Brittany