Plywood Bedframes And Headboards

Labor Day...A much needed day of rest for this family.

Also, a weekend to do a little blog updating and refreshing. I get a lot of questions on Instagram about the items I share regularly. So, I've tried to make it a little easier to shop my Instagram and blog posts. You'll now notice a new page on the blog to easily shop all these items. From here on out I'll to do my best to be diligent and keep the page up-to-date for you (but I have three know how that goes).  

I also get a lot on Instagram questions on the food images I share. I'll be honest, a lot of times I just throw the ingredients into a pot or pan. I've never been one for following directions in the kitchen (probably why I hate baking but love cooking). But, would you find it beneficial if I added a recipe section on the Ravishing in Plaid blog? 

I hope you are enjoying the blog. It's been a work in progress and I have been enjoying writing/sharing with you in my spare time. 

All that being said, I guess we can get down to business. I'm a big supporter of Scandinavian design elements. Simple design. Bright spaces. So it probably should not come as a surprise that I'm currently loving on the use of plywood as a design element. A truly inexpensive way to get the Scandinavian feel in the home. 

Minimal DIY Bedframe

Photo Credit: My Scandinavian Home

City Skyline Headboard DIY

Photo Credit: Urban Fox DIY

Simple Plywood Bedboard

Photo Credit: Minna Jones

Minimalist Plywood Headboard DIY

Photo Credit: Mr. Kate

Plywood Wall Headboard

Photo Credit: House And Home

Minimal Bed DIY

Photo Credit: Make It Boho

Minimal Bedframe DIY Playwood

Photo Credit: Pretty Nice

Plywood Bed DIY for the Bedroom

Photo Credit: Decor 8

DIY Plywood Bedframe

Photo Credit: My Beloved Style

Plywood Bed for the Bedroom

Photo Credit: Wohn Gold Stuck

Plywood Daybed

Photo Credit: The Merry Thought

Plywood Bedboard for the Bedroom

Photo Credit: Homes to Love

Minimal Plywood Bed

Photo Credit: Homepolish