Leather Never Looked So Good

A couple years ago I had grand visions that we were going to get rid of our leather sofa and I was going to move into the age of fabric sofas. I had convinced myself fabric was the way to go and leather was tired. I researched hours until I found the perfect fabric sofa and when I pressed the “order button” I was on top of the world. It came, we set it up….It was beautiful, comfortable and I was in love. Then, I was pregnant again. Our beautiful third born arrived into this world determined not to be left behind. But with that same determination came a toddler whose favorite past time was spilling formula (and then moved onto milk) all over my couch. That same determined little toddler once decided to kiss my beautiful fabric couch with a chocolate covered mouth. Long story short, I quickly got over fabric couches and longed for the return of leather (no matter how comfortable our current fabric sofa is…and it is AMAZINGLY comfortable). I’m tired of spot cleaning fabric. I’m tired of steering my toddlers greasy pizza covered hands in another direction. I just want easy to clean leather back. It was so much simpler back then. Truth be told, I am still longing for the return of leather as we currently save for our next sofa. But in the meantime, a girl can dream….

Carmel Leather Sofa

Photo Credit: The DIY Playbook

Bright room with Carmel leather sofa

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Living Room Leather Sectional

Photo Credit: A House In The Hills

West Elm Leather Sofa

Photo Credit: West Elm

Bohemian Vibes and Leather Sofa

Photo Credit: Wit & Delight

Anthropologie Leather  Couch

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Bohemian and Leather Sofa

Photo Credit: Glitter Guide

Bohemian Vibes and Carmel Leather Sofa

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Modern Leather Couch

Photo Credit: Wit & Delight

Lovely Leather Carmel Sectional

Photo Credit: Honeywild

Farmhouse Leather Couch

Photo Credit: Domino

Lovely Leather Couch

Photo Credit: Domino

Leather Sofa Vibes

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

XO Brittany