Follow The Law, Advocate For Change

The Constitution of the United States:

The Constitution gets thrown around a lot in conversation and debate. A couple of things off the top of my head I see…

“If you don’t back the Constitution of this country, and all it stands for, you might as well move”

“…because the Constitution says so.”

Yes, the Constitution of the United States is the law of land. But statements like this are also ill-informed, or frankly not thought out. The Constitution of the United States is an amendable document. One that has been amended throughout history several times. We can fully comply with the law, but make no mistake…we can also advocate for its change. This does not make one un-America…In fact, it makes someone very American. I know this was a short one but, my point here, don’t ever stop fighting for what you believe. Follow the law, but advocate and be the change.