If Those Walls Could Talk

The first day of Fall was yesterday and let me just say…Texas has yet to receive its bounties. Fall is by far my favorite season but drinking “pumpkin spiced” anything still feels so wrong when it’s 90+ degrees outside. Along with the entrance of Fall follows an always full calendar of events, need-to-dos, checklists and a constant state of family movement that just leaves me exhausted and longing for a break. Anyone else dealing with a growing to-do list currently? My Erin Condren planner looks like looks like life threw up all over it currently.

When it comes to color and interior design/home decor my eye is usually naturally drawn to bright colors. But, there is just something about the deep richness of a teal accent wall that makes my head turn. Let me be direct, not every room in a house is going to be a fit for this color. Repeat after me…natural sunlight and lots of it (if you plan to hop over to HomeDepot and start painting all four walls this color). Another slightly less dramatic but still eye popping option would be an accent wall (or even an accent fireplace as you will see below). There is little doubt, however, that teal has got it going on.

Beautiful Teal Walls

Photo Credit: Man Repeller

Teal Room Vibes

Photo Credit: Real Simple

Teal Fireplace Accent

Photo Credit: Design Sponge

Teal Accent Wall Colors
Teal Accent Wall

Photo Credit: AVE Styles

Project Teal Walls

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Teal Walls For The Home

Photo Credit: Old Brand New

Dark Rich Teal Room

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Dark Room Walls

Photo Credit: Emily Henderson

Dark Teal Wall
Colorful Room Vibes

Photo Credit: Old Brand New