Life Happens. So Should Self-care.

My life is an imperfect balance of chaos and beauty. God blessed my husband and me with the most amazing two, four and eight-year-old sons. There are many, many good moments in my day. Laughter and love abound. But, it is not always rainbows and butterflies. Running a family is hard. My husband and I tag team everything but there are still hard days. And as the only woman in a house full of boys, it can some times feel oppressive (maybe overwhelming is a better word choice). I am an emotional creature by Gods creation. I also have periods of being easily overstimulated. For these reasons, I have started making self-care a forefront in my day-to-day life...

Pampering yourself doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

No, self-care is not just buying beauty products and getting massages. It extends so much further than that. But, I find there is a calmness that comes over me when I take a few extra minutes a few times a week to give myself a mini-facial, or maybe a peppermint foot mask. I think of these little treats as an enhancements to my mood.

Some of my go-to mini-facial and pampering products below:

Selfcare & Beauty

Laneige Overnight Mask / Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask / Ahava Mud Mask / Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask / Under Eye Mask / Origins Overnight Mask / Pore Vacuum

Find periods of quiet time.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I struggle with anxiety and depression. With that struggling sometimes comes moments of overstimulation (this usually comes after prolonged periods of loud activity…i.e. the kids screaming endlessly throughout the house). In those moments it’s almost as if my husband has learned to read my mannerisms and has learned to just takes the wheel. He’ll approach me and tell me “go.” It’s a love language that makes me fall more in love with him each time. You’ll find me in my bedroom, door locked, for the next hour decompressing. I used to feel guilt about this, but truth be told, I am a so much better wife and mother when I emerge after that hour.

Don’t be afraid to exit the chaos.

I love our home but we spend a lot of time at home. I work from home, we homeschool, and frankly, since the kids are so young (and babysitters are hard to come by) a lot of our date nights are at home. It is only natural home sometimes becomes overwhelming to me. It’s in those moments I have to break away. I’m not talking about a weekend trip. I’m talking about just getting out the house for a couple hours. This is a mood changer for me.

Maximize your relaxation.

Knots in the back, tension headaches, migraines. I suffer from every single one of them and they all have one common denominator usually…stress. That being said, I’ve developed my own routine and system (of items) that works for me when my back starts to knot up, or my head starts pounding.

Some of my go-to stress relief products that enhance my relaxation below:


Gya Labs Soothing Massage Oil for Sore Muscles / Acupressure Mat / Back Massager / Origins Peace Of Mind

Turn it off.

Let’s face it, as moms we spend a lot of time planning. Laying out the family calendar, making sure the task list is up-to-date, paying bills, making sure the budget is laid out (whatever is on your plate there is a lot). Once a week, normally on Sunday, I turn it all off. I don’t plan, I don’t prepare for the week ahead and I just enjoy the time I have. It allows my mind to completely shutdown and reboot. I always feel more refreshed starting Monday this way.

Get sleep.

I get it, it is easier said than done. By the time the kids are FINALLY in bed, all I want is some quiet time. It is so incredibly tempting for me to stay up chasing the night. Playing devils advocate though, I am terrible at life if I get less than seven hours sleep. Sleep is a must for me to be the best version of myself.

XO Brittany

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