Move Over White -- There's A New Kitchen Trend In Town

Piggybacking off my previous blog post on teal walls, teal is such a rich and versatile color. So it really isn’t surprising why you see the color popping up in more and more interior design and home decor trends. Among one of those new trends…the kitchen. I must say, this is a trend I can get behind. Don’t believe me, see it for yourself…

Dark Teal Cabinets Kitchen

Photo Credit: The Jack + Mare

Modern Teal Kitchen

Photo Credit: But First Party

Perfect Teal Kitchen

Photo Credit: Domino

Teal Bartop Kitchen

Photo Credit: Emily Henderson

Teal Cabinetry Kitchen

Photo Credit: We Are Scout

Teal Cabinets In The Kitchen

Photo Credit: Kitchen Stori

Teal Kitchen Cabinets

Photo Credit: Greige Design

Teal Kitchen Pop

Photo Credit: Est Living

Teal Kitchen Vibes

Photo Credit: SF Girl

Teal Cabinets in Kitchen

Photo Credit: Ali Hynek